Since 1993

We do this so you don't have to...

We perform digital marketing on various levels. Our niche market is small business start-ups or basically owners that really don't have the time or patience to perform the menial tasks involved with the technology changes required to create a webpage, a social presence, marketing mailers, and general setup of a website with hosting geared toward your business and for scaling needs over time.

What we are known for? We started out with a technology background repairing PC's, laptops, and all sorts of hardware setup and configurations. That brought us into networking and network management. From there we wanted to do something that is more behind the scenes and help customers grow business by bringing more attention to their social and web presence.

So just like you want potential change in your business, we understand. Look at how we started with hardware repair and migrated into something more exciting. That is actually our number one competitive advantage, we love change!!!

In business I learned a specific word that from the day I heard it I embraced it. That word is "paradigm". It is not pronounced para-dig-em but like para-dime. The definition of the word is not what was so important to me, what was important is the example that was used to define it. Without going into detail the swiss were great watchmakers that were not worried when casio started in the business... Well who hasn't owned a "G-Shock" watch?

What is important to us is helping the little guy. We didn't get there alone, and neither will you...

We look forward to doing business together because you must be awesome to realize that it is breaking with the paradigm and sharing some of your responsibilities with us so you can focus on the business needs that appealed to you in the first place.